inferno–but not the disco variety

I am in student paper hell this week. Actually, I’ve been in student paper hell for a few weeks, but for the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to return the surplus of essays that I’ve had piled on every surface imaginable. Our semester ends in a month, and in one sense that sends me into a cold sweat because it means just a week to get these students writing like the university students that they are; in another sense, I can’t believe I still have to endure a month of this hell.

 Thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough. I may sleep the whole week.



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3 responses to “inferno–but not the disco variety

  1. I can feel your pain..a little. It seems my “essays” seem to have a lot of travel time in the car. I bring them home from work in my bag and then take them back in my bag…they don’t seem to leave the bag too often. Its too daunting of a task. I put “essays” in quotes because I teach 5th graders. Although they are getting better, I am still trying to get them to capitalize the beginning of sentences and include the proper punctuation!?!

  2. reproducinggenius

    Oh, believe me, even at 18 and 19, my students can’t capitalize words at the beginnings of sentences or use punctuation. From many of them, it’s like getting four or five pages of text messages.

  3. Awh. I’m sorry you are so freakin’ busy. I know it must be overwhelming…….just think……..sleeping for the whole week………………………just ……….a………few…….more……days…..

    Hope you get some much-needed zzzz’s soon.

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