Early Morning Blather

After a good weekend full of Halloween-related activities (including a trip to the pumpkin patch and a wild ladies’ poker night!), J and I are ready for this week’s insemination. In fact, I originally thought today would be the day, but now it looks like I won’t ovulate until Thursday or Friday. This is good in some ways because it’s a stressful week of conferencing with students and grading every bit of their work that I have in my possession (read: a lot). But it will pose some interesting problems with timing if we have to do it Friday since we’ll be at a department meeting half the day. (Excuse us, colleagues, we’re just going to slip into the bathroom–together–whilst you all discuss our new remediation policies. That styrofoam cooler? Uh, that’s my lunch.

The problem is that this has been stressing me out. I keep wondering where the EWCM is, why I’m not feeling especially fertile, why I don’t have my faint line on my OPKs. Ultimately, it’s just because my body decided to throw me for another loop and start ovulating later again, but on Monday, I had myself convinced that the pain killers I had to take for the burn had stopped any eggs I had in their tracks and that I was going to have an anovulatory cycle (NO!). Now that a teensy bit of EWCM has shown itself, I’m just convinced that my ovaries have slowed down with the cold weather or laziness or as a cruel joke to keep me on my toes. Either way, so long as I pop an egg out, and there’s viable sperm in there to meet up with it, I’ll be happy.


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6 responses to “Early Morning Blather

  1. vee

    Ahh, they’re just waiting for my ovaries to catch you up, because they thought it would be cool to ovulate together. At least, that’s what they told me!

  2. it always happens- as soon as you start talking the omelet in your pants it never shows. Drink tons of water to hydrate.
    & I love the idea of you & Vee having an ovulation off!


  3. *cough* robitussin *cough*

    Good god, are we all 3 going to ovulate on the same day?!

  4. Im still waiting too..but Im thinking this is going to be an anovulatory cycle…or just a reaaaaaaaaaaallly long one. Day 33. =/ Also wondering..what do you teach?

  5. reproducinggenius

    Wow! Potentially three ovulations on the same day in our little blogosphere! This certainly is an ovulation off. I will be honored to share O day with you ladies and absolutely tickled if we all manage to get knocked up at the same time!

    And an update: I’ve never had a problem with EWCM except when I really want it to show up, just as Cali suggested. However, after drinking green tea for a few days and plenty of water–and just waiting for my body to kick in, it’s definitely increased. Maybe not enough to make a meringue, but certainly plentiful enough for me to think that Thursday will be the magic day. However, I am not beyond taking a little Robitussin too. Thanks gals. I do love the ever-powerful IVP. 🙂

    And Julie/Betsy, welcome, btw! Bummer about the potential anovulatory cycle. I teach college-level writing–the class that most everyone has to take upon entering college.

    I’m off to do some stick-peeing!

  6. I’m waiting too……….

    Good luck girlie 🙂

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