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Early Morning Blather

After a good weekend full of Halloween-related activities (including a trip to the pumpkin patch and a wild ladies’ poker night!), J and I are ready for this week’s insemination. In fact, I originally thought today would be the day, but now it looks like I won’t ovulate until Thursday or Friday. This is good in some ways because it’s a stressful week of conferencing with students and grading every bit of their work that I have in my possession (read: a lot). But it will pose some interesting problems with timing if we have to do it Friday since we’ll be at a department meeting half the day. (Excuse us, colleagues, we’re just going to slip into the bathroom–together–whilst you all discuss our new¬†remediation policies. That styrofoam cooler? Uh, that’s my lunch.)¬†

The problem is that this has been stressing me out. I keep wondering where the EWCM is, why I’m not feeling especially fertile, why I don’t have my faint line on my OPKs. Ultimately, it’s just because my body decided to throw me for another loop and start ovulating later again, but on Monday, I had myself convinced that the pain killers I had to take for the burn had stopped any eggs I had in their tracks and that I was going to have an anovulatory cycle (NO!). Now that a teensy bit of EWCM has shown itself, I’m just convinced that my ovaries have slowed down with the cold weather or laziness or as a cruel joke to keep me on my toes. Either way, so long as I pop an egg out, and there’s viable sperm in there to meet up with it, I’ll be happy.


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