Photo Friday: Lovable, Furry Old Grover

In honor of Calliope and her recent struggles, our Photo Friday theme this week is Grover. My contribution is the cover of my favorite book as a child: the classic The Monster at the End of This Book:


 With everything Calliope is going through right now, I hope a little old school Grover will make her smile should she happen upon my little blog.

This book has always been a special one to me. It’s one of just a couple of little things I have left over from my childhood. Even as a kid, I was a book collector. I so loved having my mom read me this book when I was little. Somehow, I had this book when my parents’ home burnt to the ground in a wildfire ten years ago. I’m grateful to have the few things I do. The current fires in Southern California have me reminiscing quite a bit on that time for my family. It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years. It’s horrid to think the same thing is happening right now for so many other families.

On a happier note (since I have been pretty focused on the negative lately), I start my ovulation tests tomorrow, and I will probably ovulate Tuesday. This will be our first go with the new and improved shipping method. I’m excited and nervous, and feeling like we’re starting all over again. Wow.


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5 responses to “Photo Friday: Lovable, Furry Old Grover

  1. vee

    Go Grover!
    And let the pee-sticking (stick-peeing?) commence! We’ll be right there with you on this one, though not expecting to o until Thursday.

  2. jay

    Indeed. I am glad your book survived, and have my fingers crossed for your O!

  3. Oh, I LOVELOVELOVE that book! Break a leg this round..or drop an egg..whatever the case may be!

  4. Good luck! There’s a baby at the end of this cycle.

  5. that is one of my all time favorite books!!! Seeing it put a giant grin on my face- thank you!

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