I Love This Blog

Well, T is out of town visiting her folks for the weekend, so I’m left to my own devices.  Funny how I really don’t know what to do with myself when she’s away.  I mean, there’s a lot to do, I’m sure of it, but damned if I know what it is.  I miss T so much when she goes; that’s why I came here to this blog–because it so encapsulates who she is, and it makes me feel closer to her just reading her words.

 When we first began this blog, we imagined it as a dual-project, but clearly it is her “baby.”  No pun intended.  Her wit and intelligence grace every post, and she has reached out to others in the TTC community, creating something that even I cannot seem to offer. 

 We talk about our future baby, about insemination plans, about all this important stuff, but when it comes to blogging, she infuses a part of herself into this project that doesn’t come out any other way. 

Here, she shares the initimate details of her body and what it is up to, and she does so with wit and candor.

Here, she nurtures her art by posting incredible photos, revealing yet another side of herself, her creativity.

Here, she plays with language to make even mundane stories feel like one act plays.

Here, she shares virtual drinks and commiserates with equally obsessed moms-to-be.

Here, she is doing something for herself rather than everyone else, and she desperately needs that.

Here, she tells you everything, and then says to me “did you read my post”? And when I do, I always smile.

I’m glad she has you, all of you wonderful women in blogtopia, to share her hopes and dreams, her observations and visions for our future.  Thank you for being here for her.



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5 responses to “I Love This Blog

  1. Ahhh, very sweet post! :o)

  2. reproducinggenius

    Sweetheart, you are too wonderful for words. Thank you for this post. I hope you weren’t pining for me the WHOLE weekend! I love you! :-*

    And hi, Jay and Vee! My wife is so sweet, isn’t she?


  3. Last night, I was trying to think of a comment for this totally sweet post. But I can’t – this is totally beyond words.
    It will be one lucky, luck baby who gets y’all as parents.

  4. reproducinggenius

    okay, now I’m blushing.


  5. Awh. That was SO cute. T – I think you have a keeper 🙂

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