Turning Corners

I’ve been really obsessed with the sky lately. I think I have mentioned before that because we’re on the coast, we get great sunrises, sunsets, storms, etc., and lately with fall settling in and the rainy season fast approaching, we’re having great skies.

Tuesday morning, I walked out of the house to go to work, and the sky was filled with these heavy, sagging clouds, and I thought they were amazing. Then, I rounded the corner of our house to go start the car, and I came upon this:


I never grow tired of sunrises, and a good sunrise never fails to pull me out of a funk. While Tuesday was probably the worst day of my depression over the whole recent donor issues, it was also my turnaround day thanks to the sunrise and the following storm. I’m ready to move forward. I am so melodramatic sometimes, it’s ridiculous.

Just a few more weeks, and we can try this whole thing again. I think we will be investing in some frozen sperm, and I’m putting in an email to Mr. G regarding his shipping procedures. In the meantime, I’m off to spend a weekend with my folks while J enjoys a weekend to herself. We’re really into nurturing our souls right now, and considering the mess last week, it’s doing a lot of good.


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5 responses to “Turning Corners

  1. jay

    That is an amazing sunrise!! Funnily enough I took a photo of “our” sunrise yesterday morning, it was pink but nowhere near as dramatic as yours. A sign, indeed.

    Got fingers crossed that your plan B works.

  2. Beautiful. Indeed, how could one fail to be cheered by it?

  3. That is fucking gorgeous. Can I cuss on your blog? I guess I ought to ask first, cuss second, not the other way around. Sorry.
    My bedroom faces east and it really does help to push away a funk to look at the sky.

  4. reproducinggenius

    Thanks Vee and Jay. I hope plan B works too. And I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for you two this month. I can’t wait to see some good news from you!

    And, yes, Corey Jo, you may cuss and cuss freely on this blog. J was once a sailor, after all. And as a lover of language, how can I not appreciate the word “fuck” and its myriad of uses?

  5. wow- that is a stunning photo!

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