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Thanks to the IVP shakedown courtesy of the lovely Vee, my surge has arrived (as is evidenced by the positve OPK above). It started last night as far as I can tell, and the line was even stronger this morning. I hope that means it will stay a little while because now the real madness begins.

You see, even though I put in a message asking Mr. Goodman to ship the sperm yesterday (and he knew I would likely need him to send a shipment yesterday), he failed to check his messages, and now we get our shipment FRIDAY. (More to come in a later post about our displeasure with Mr. Goodman of late.)

This poses all kinds of problems. The first and worst of these is that I could ovulate today. If that happens, we have the whole issue of deteriorating old egg tomorrow, and that won’t do.

The second is that while today I have a light day with school, and my classes are finished by the time a shipment would arrive, tomorrow I teach in the morning, J teaches in the afternoon, and I have office hours in the afternoon too with students planning to come see me. It’s going to be a screwy sort of day, and I may very well have to inseminate by myself! Not cool.

So to all those IVP ladies out there who helped with the egg shakedown, would you help me hold it in for just a few hours more? I’ve never had more conversations with my ovaries than I have in the past couple of days. Today’s goes something like, “Please, please, please, don’t drop the egg today! Please, I’m begging you! Please!” Yeah, because begging always works. Perhaps I should switch to bribery. Any suggestions on how to bribe an ovary?

If I wake up with a temperature spike in the morning, I fear I may need to drink a lot of scotch. Of course, I’ll inseminate anyway because, well, what else am I going to do with a syringe full of sperm? But I may be drunk while basting. Bleh.


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