Hello? Ovaries? Do you hear me?

If all goes well, we’ll be  getting our sperm tomorrow. I’m nervous, though, that my guesses may be off. Everything was telling me yesterday to have Mr. Goodman send the goods today, so I gave him the go ahead. Now, it looks like I could ovulate Friday in which case a Thursday insemination would not be a bad thing necessarily, but my OPKs are still very faint as of this morning. That doesn’t mean they won’t be darker by tonight, but I’m beginning to doubt myself. In fact, my head hurts with all of these attempts to predict what my body will do. I wish my ovaries would speak to me. I wish I knew for sure when this was going to happen. This is such a mindfuck!


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6 responses to “Hello? Ovaries? Do you hear me?

  1. Mmm – me too. Really annoying isn’t it!

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  3. Oh god. Why is the Ovulation Guessing Game so full of *guessing*? I was just trying to figure out what days to tell my KD this cycle. Arg.
    An IVP ovarian shakedown sounds like the plan.

  4. Korus

    Dont ya hate trying to second guess OPKs and timing!!! good luck for this one! it’s been a long wait here’s to that super dark line super quick!. I got dark lines on the OPK- THREE days in a row (its feast or famine) urgh! FX

  5. reproducinggenius

    Thanks, ladies, for all the well-wishes. The IVP rocks! And welcome to those of you who are new here. It’s so nice to have this support when I feel like I may very well tear every last hair out of my head.

    And yes, the guessing around ovulation is ridiculous. Aren’t things like OPKs supposed to make it easier? Oh, that’s right, they’re for people who have sperm readily available. Grrr.

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