Belated Photo Friday: The Finger and The Bird (x2)

My sister was visiting all weekend, so I was a little anti-computer, but I didn’t forget Photo Friday. In fact, a gift from my sister was the inspiration for my finger photos. She has this thing about giving me cocks. Actually, I have been giving them to her for awhile too. Okay, it’s a downright cock war–err fight–but I think she’s winning. Anyhow, below is the cock finger puppet featured on the finger:

The Bird

I showed my cat Cleo the cock as well. She was quite unimpressed:

Cleo and The Bird

Sorry about the icky quality of these photos. I accidentally left my ISO settings on 800 making for really grainy shots. They’ll do in a pinch though.

We’re gearing up for this week’s insemination. Actually, I’m just trying to get prepped for the school week after having guests again, and I’ll likely be focusing on the insemination at the last minute. In the meantime, I’m drinking my green tea and taking my Vitex in hopes of some super fertile days to come.

We were going to go to our Pride festival today, but today also brought our first real rain of the season, so we opted to sit at home with my sister and watch movies. This turned out to be much more fulfilling and relaxing–and I didn’t have to see my students out in public, which is always an awkward ordeal, even at non-queer events. They just don’t see me as a human that eats, sleeps, or even leaves the university. If only they knew.

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One response to “Belated Photo Friday: The Finger and The Bird (x2)

  1. Happy insemination week!!
    those finger photos are cracking me up!

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