Out of Town Visitors

I have been decidedly neglectful of the blog lately, mostly because we’ve been incredibly busy. Our dear friend M. was here for the weekend so that she could play in our ladies’ poker group.

Ladies’ Poker was the highlight of the month, I have to say. Our group is great. We have nine of us altogether, although usually only six of us show at any one event. This time, all nine ladies showed! This is a monthly event where we gather at one of the ladies’ houses. We have a food theme (this last one was sandwich bar, but we’ve had everything from a “stuffed” theme to Caribbean food), and we all bring our contributions. After eating what is usually amazing food and having a few drinks, we the spread the felt over the table, throw our money in the pot, divvy up the chips and play some Hold ‘Em.

This is a group that J and I started a little over two years ago. We had always wanted a girls’ poker group, and I used to play in one long before J and I were together, but it took us awhile to find the right group, and now we have it. It’s usually a raucous event, and it can be downright bitchy, but we have a great time together, and when we play well, some of us even come home with some cash. Of course, that’s not really the point, but it doesn’t hurt! I hope we’ll be able to create a new group after we move because it’s important to get together with women from time to time. I highly recommend starting a ladies’ poker group if you don’t have one already.

Our visit with our friend M. was really great. We relaxed and talked a lot, and she got us a baby good luck charm: a big, snuggly teddy bear. She also got us this wonderfully cuddly blanket. She says that she knows this baby will be here soon. Oh, I hope so.

Our other visitor this weekend was my cranky Aunt F. I’m never thrilled to see the hag, but this time she brings with her a bit of hope. You see, because Auntie F. arrived, we are now on the path to planning next week’s insemination! Yes, we are almost back in the game. Honestly, though, it hasn’t hit me yet, and it probably won’t until that cold little package arrives on our doorstep.

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  1. yay for the impending insemination!!

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