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Photo Friday: Button Up

It’s been far too long since I’ve participated in Photo Friday, so this week, I am debuting some of my brand new camera’s first shots. I’ve had the same digital camera for about seven years (it was my first, a really sweet gift from J), and for my birthday, I got a new one from my sweet, sweet mom who has had me snapping photos since I was about five years old.

This week’s theme, “Button Up” was a fun one. I love buttons, and J and I absolutely love button jars. My mom and grandma–all of the women in my family–have always had jars of buttons, and as a kid, I loved to sit and stare at the ones my grandma had on her shelf. When J’s mom passed away a few years ago, J wanted me to have all of her old sewing gear, and with it came her mom’s button jar. I believe these are some of the most interesting personal artifacts that women leave behind. J and I have started our own button jar too. In the photo below, her mom’s is on the right; ours is on the left:

Button Jars

This next photo shows some serious button action:

Button Down


There you have it.  Happy Equinox, everyone!


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