The Return of Mr. Goodman

Dear readers, you may all finally breathe a collective sigh of relief. I will now officially stop whining and complaining about being off of the TTC ride.

Mr. Goodman has contacted us. He’s back, and it looks like we’ll begin receiving our monthly shipments of DNA at the beginning of October.

One of my more annoying neuroses is my tendency to obsess about things that aren’t real. For example, I came up with many stories about Mr. Goodman while we were on email blackout: he was mugged and killed whilst overseas; he met someone, got married, and decided he wanted his own kids and wouldn’t be our donor anymore; he found our blog, decided we were too freaky to bear his spawn, and opted out of our agreement without telling us. I just knew that come October, we were going to be asking local bartenders if they’d be our donors or searching for discount frozen sperm, and that we were going to begin a downward psychological/emotional/financial spiral in our efforts to have a baby. Of course, that didn’t happen–not yet anyway–and I’m breathing much easier.

This means some good changes are in store again. I’ve got to kick the caffeine again (my lifeblood during the fall semester–I don’t know how I’ll do it), lay off the booze, keep eating all my fruits and veggies, religiously take my vitamins and other supplements my OB/GYN wants me taking, kick myself in gear with my walking routine, avoid getting over-tired and over-stressed, and best of all, start obsessing about the good stuff! This also means J has to give up smoking again. That’s our deal, and I think she’s ready for it too. It’s amazing what we’ll do when we have a baby as our motivator.

So, I’m now starting a three-week wait, and if the last four weeks since school started are any indication, we’ll be welcoming a FedEx package in no time. I am thrilled.


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One response to “The Return of Mr. Goodman

  1. How great!!! I am excited for you both – I know you’ve been anxious to get going with TTC again. Good job on all the healthy lifestyle changes you both are making too!!! That’s awesome 🙂

    Looking forward to the excitement to come 🙂

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