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Teaching in the fall saps every ounce of creativity and motivation from my bones, hence the lack of posting here. I have too many classes, too many students, and too many hours in the day when I have to be at school. Frankly, I need the distraction of TTC again. I need to be consumed by something besides work.

It’s a sad thing when I ovulate and barely notice it. That’s what happened this cycle, and I’m even charting. I miss the excitement of those first few months of discovering this process actually happens in my body, and knowing that soon it would even be important that this thing happens. If all goes well, I’ll be eager for the next one to pop out–if Mr. Goodman ever returns from his overseas trip! Perhaps we should have put something in the contract about him not being able to leave California without both of our signatures. That wouldn’t be weird or possessive or going too far, would it?

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