&#@%* Cats!

My wretched little felines are about to find themselves a home outside. It all started about four months ago. We were in the middle of one of our rounds of TTC, and I needed to sleep well through the night so that I could get an accurate temperature read in the morning. Suddenly, our nine-year-old boy cat decided he would wake up and scratch under our door whilst meowing loudly at 4am–every morning. We thought we’d stop him with water, so we placed a spray bottle by the door, and would just get up, open the door, squirt him, and go back to sleep. That worked for about two days.

He quickly learned our trick, so as soon as he heard one of us get up, he would run to the end of the hallway to escape the stream of water. For us, that meant going to the end of the hall, picking him up, and placing him in the garage. When he learned this trick, then he started hiding under the sofa after getting us up, and so this continued until our boy cat became a garage sleeper.

Well, we thought we had broken him of it, so we let him out of the garage. But then school started, and all three cats figured out that I now get up at 6am.  They like this. They think it would be super cool if I woke up even earlier. Guess what? They’re wrong.

Last night, boy cat meowed at 4am. I put him in the garage. Then at around 5am, our youngest started her own screaming outside the bedroom door (she has the most grating meow in the world–imagine Fran Drescher in The Nanny as a cat).  I opened the door, startled her, and she left me alone. At 6am, my alarm went off, and instead of letting me take my temperature, the youngest cat started screaming again, waking J up (who needed to sleep about two hours longer), and making it impossible for me to temp. I’m so cranky. I love my cats, but they’re on my shit list right now.


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  1. Ha! We have a friend who constantly complains that she is tired because her cat wakes her in the night, yet she refuses to shut it out of her bedroom,. She should take a leaf out of your book! Show them who’s boss! A girl needs her beauty sleep.

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