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Getting Political

I know this blog is about making babies, or trying to make babies, but I’m a bit irritated by some news lately.

 Some of you may know that a Republican Senator from Idaho by the name of Larry Craig was charged with soliciting an undercover cop for sex in a public restroom.  Now, he’s certainly not the first Republican to get caught engaging in this kind of criminal behavior; anyone remember Congressman Mark Foley and his obsession with congressional paiges? 

Well, every time something like this happens, the conservative pundits go ape shit over it.  They love to equate deviant closeted behavior with garden-variety homosexuality.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t cruise bathrooms for sex or hit on minors.  But, hey, I’m a healthy, happy and OUT homo, so I don’t know how the closet cases get laid.  Honestly, it’s not just the ordinary closet cases we’re talking about, either; it’s the self-loathing conservatives that seem to hide in the closet and live a double life, passing anti-gay legistlation in the afternoon and cruising for bathroom bjs by night . 

It disgusts me, actually.  I’m a good person!  A good American!  I vote, I pay my taxes, work hard, volunteer my time when possible, and I don’t break the law.  Then a scumbag like Craig gets busted, and I have to listen to the whole “gay lifestyles are deviant” schtick from the right-wing media all over again.  I wish these freaks would just form a club.  Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re log cabin Republicans.  Oh wait, those are gay republicans who are out of the closet.  Can I just pause on this rant to say just how weird a gay Repubican is.  Just sayin’, I’m not sure how you could vote Republican and be a self-respecting homo.  But I digress.

The final insult came in the form of Tucker Carlson of MSNBC sitting around and yucking it up with fellow pudits and describing how he beat the crap out of a guy who came on to him in a bathroom.

Here’s the link to the transcript of that frat boy exchange:


This is what passes as news these days, which explains why I got rid of my cable a few months back. 



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