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Rambling Update Post

School started yesterday, which means our quiet summer life came to a screaching halt, and our chaotic life that is fall semester began. The first day of school is always an interesting one. I enjoy meeting all of the new students, and it’s fun welcoming first-year students to the university. This semester is particularly poignant for J and I because it’s our last semester teaching at this university where we both got our BAs and MAs, where we met and fell in love, where we got our start with teaching. I’m trying to take it all in this time and savor every moment, but at times that’s difficult, especially when I have a schedule that keeps me there for twelve hours two days a week.

The beginning of the┬ánew semester also heralds all kinds of changes for us though. The fact that it is our last semester also reminds us both that we have a huge move coming. We’ve never moved to a new city before, and I know this is going to be a great change for us both. The new semester also will bring Mr. Goodman back to the States so that we can start inseminating again, and once we do, the piles of papers we both have to grade will certainly distract us from the various TWWs. I can’t wait. I just hope we don’t end up having to inseminate in our office. Or if we do, I hope it’s not one of those rare occasions when a janitor or computer tech decides to let himself in. That would be awkward, although I know they see a lot of odd things in faculty offices.

The weird thing I’ve encountered about returning to school is that a couple of big gossips in our department have been telling everyone about our insemination plans, so random people have been coming up to me at the copier asking if I’m pregnant yet. I’m tempted to tell everyone we’ve given up so that they’ll let me be, but maybe it’s good that people know. They all seem to be excited for us, and having that sort of energy out there is certainly a positive thing.

J and I have been obsessed lately with Hurr*cane Dean. It appears to have hit our favorite port town on that we visited on our Caribbean cruise a little over a year ago. This place, Mahahual, was a beautiful but poor village, and the people there rely heavily on tourism for their income. Their structures are not what most of us would call “sound.” I hope we’ll be able to go back one day, and I hope the locals we met while we were there are okay.

I’ll leave you with a photo of J at The Cat’s Meow, a great little restaurant in Mahahual.


I do hope it’s still there, but the second photo shows that it’s just across the dirt road from the beach:



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