Happy Birthday, J!


Happy birthday, my sweet!

I didn’t manage to post on J’s birthday yesterday because we were having such a wonderful day, but  I thought she deserved to be the topic of a new (albeit, late) post at the very least. We spent the day doing everything from moving furniture around in our new office at the university to taking a nice sunny afternoon drive. We had been celebrating for a few days already with friends, but we finished it off with some wine and a lovely evening all by ourselves.

Today marks the end of our summer partying and a recommitment to our healthy lifestyles. We’ve been off track for a few weeks with all of our houseguests and the realization that this is our last summer in this place, not to mention school starts in just a week, but we’re both ready now to recommit to our healthier selves so that in just a month or so we can get started again on making a baby. With any luck, this will be the year I make my lovely lady a mom.



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, J!

  1. Ahh. Happy belated birthday, J. Glad you guys had a great day. Good luck with the health kick!

  2. Happy Birthday !!! (one day late though!) Hope it was a wonderful day for you!! Wish I could get my ars on that health kick…..I really want to lose the 23 lbs I have gained since Jan. …. 135 to 158 is quite the jump! Hope you have much success with it and are even healthier for ttc next month. I am definitely hoping for good luck and strong swimmers you!!! Oh…I decided to start a blog! I have a link to your site on there too!! Anyway, here it is…..it may be a bit early, but it’s fun 🙂


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