Daily Archives: August 6, 2007

Hello Again, Thermometer

Beep. Beep. Beep. 

Well, my month off from taking my basal body temperture at 7am is over. This morning I awoke bright and early and started up again. It’s nice to chart again though. I felt a little lost last month without knowing precisely the day I ovulated. I like knowing what my body is doing, and while we won’t be inseminating this month because Mr. Goodman is still out of the country, charting makes me want to be a little more well-behaved.

Today is also the day we both start prepping for the fall semester. We just found out last week that J is going to be teaching again this semester! Not only does this make for a more steady income (and health insurance for both of us!), but it also provides us with a nice chunk of money when it comes time to move in January. This is also our last semester ever teaching at the university where we both went to school for our BAs and MAs–the place where we met and fell in love. It will be a good opportunity to have some closure as we move on to bigger, greener, gayer pastures in the spring.

Honestly, I’m welcoming the distraction of new students and meetings and papers to grade. This means that maybe I won’t have as much time to obsess about the TTC rollercoaster. On top of that, fall semester is perhaps the worst possible time to be fatigued or have any sort of morning sickness, so chances are, I’ll get pregnant early and be sick all semester long. Here’s hoping!


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