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Six years ago today, J and I had a beautiful commitment ceremony in our garden with our closest friends and family, and we jumped the broom.


 We don’t consider this our real anniversary. Instead, it’s our public anniversary. We were together for three years before the ceremony, so our true anniversary for us is when we had our first real date.

We do enjoy spending our public anniversary thinking about that day though. It was a completely DIY wedding. We cooked, decorated (gardened), wrote our vows and the ceremony–everything. Our dear friend Nate “officiated,” although we weren’t signing anything or doing anything remotely official, so he simply read what we wanted him to read and guided us through the ceremony. We asked friends and family not to bring traditional wedding gifts. Instead, we asked for contributions to the garden. People brought lavendar, roses, sunflowers, tulip bulbs, alstromeria, and so much more. The garden was beautiful. We also had a margarita fountain, which proved very popular. It really was a wonderful day, and our married straight friends told us they wished they could redo their wedding and have something more like ours. **

[**Our friend Nate did something very much like we did when he got married to his wife the next year: they stole our entire ceremony! We had written a ceremony based on a pagan handfasting throwing in some good ole lesbian flare. This made it particularly amusing when our friends–a Catholic man (and his VERY Catholic family) and  a Jewish woman (and her VERY Jewish family)–used the thing for their Hawaiian-themed straight wedding. While J and I knew they might use some of it for inspiration, we were mighty surprised at the wedding to hear it was nearly word for word our ceremony!]

J and I have had a rough week. Our cycles lined up, and we’ve been hormonal messes, so today has been trying, but remembering our wedding six years ago, and seeing how much our love for one another has grown over the years makes it all worth it–even the worst of the PMS days. I never knew I could love someone so much. I really am a lucky woman.



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