Photo Friday (ahem…Monday): Pink

Due to my absence, and because we were far away from computers this weekend, I bring you my Photo Friday contributions on Monday.  This week’s theme was pink, which stumped me for a bit. I knew there would be the obligatory flower shot. This shot is a couple of months old of these wonderful miniature roses. A friend of ours bought us this bush for our wedding, and we both love them: 


But I knew that flowers would be popular, so I looked around our house for something–anything at all–that was pink. This was the only thing I found:


Pictured above is our WWJD Jesus Divination Tool. He’s very much like a magic 8-ball. Simply ask him a question, shake him, and turn him over to reveal such snide responses as “I died for this?” or “Sinner.” Please don’t take offense. We’re Unitarians; we’re tolerant of nearly everything.

There you have it! Now, I’m off to splint my wrist before J finds out I’ve been typing instead of using my incredibly annoying voice recognition software.




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3 responses to “Photo Friday (ahem…Monday): Pink

  1. vee

    Ah, flowers – the trusty pink fallback – very pretty. I’m digging the snidy Jesus, BTW!

  2. Seriously – where did you find that Jesus divination tool? I’m rampantly jealous!!!

  3. timaree

    The Jesus was a gift from some very blasphemous friends of ours. They may have gotten it from a novelty gift shop called Spencers. It’s utterly brilliant.

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