Wasted Egg

I can’t believe I’m writing yet another grumbly post, but I’m ovulating, and I had a minor meltdown in our driveway today. I didn’t realize it would hit me this hard, but J and I both can’t help but feel that we should be doing something quite a lot more important than mowing our lawn or doing laundry. I’ve had this weird sense of loss today over my wasted egg, and there’s nothing I can do about it but feel it for a moment and move on to all of those lovely things I said I would do to pass the time during our months off.

 So instead of complaining anymore about this subject–because I’m irritating myself now–I’m practicing something J taught me long ago, and that is to think of the good things that happened today. Today, I’m happy about the following:

  1. I have a beautiful wife, and yesterday, when we went for a long hike in the redwoods, she was especially lovely. She would run ahead and hide, trying to scare me and our friend, all the while giggling this mischevious little laugh and skipping down the trail. She never did get to scare us, but she reminded me of yet another reason I love her.
  2. We have our dearest friend staying with us while she looks for a place to live, and we have really enjoyed relaxing with her.
  3. We have started to find our yard under the jungle of a lawn that has grown up over it during the past month since our mower has been broken.
  4. I’m still loving my hair. My mom came to visit and she hated it (although she pretended to like it), but I’m still loving having so little hair, not worrying at all about dying it, etc.
  5. It’s sunny here and warm, and it’s rarely sunny and warm where we live.
  6. I have sunflowers blooming right outside of my office window, as shown here through the screen:


Life is not so bad. 🙂




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2 responses to “Wasted Egg

  1. vee

    Those wasted eggs are one of the saddest things when you want a baby so much. It’s so hard. But it seems like you’re doing a great job of finding things to feel positive about. And your sunflowers are simply spectacular!

  2. You can look at it this way… at least you didn’t pay for sperm AND waste the egg…and spend two weeks thinking you were knocked up. So there’s that. But it still sucks. I’m sure you have a bunch of fabulous ones left. I loved your list.

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