Photo Friday: Favorite T-Shirts

Time is certainly slipping by! My last entry was my last Photo Friday entry. Unbelievable.

 It’s been a week full of distractions and trying to figure out what I did before all of this conception business took over my life. It’s weird having a break from it because we just got started, and I simply wasn’t ready for a break yet. Somehow, this is good for us, I have to keep reminding myself.

Photo Friday is a good distraction for me. For this week’s theme, we had to choose a favorite t-shirt, so J and I each chose one. The first is J’s favorite, and it certainly reveals our political leanings with little subtlety. I made this for her a couple of years ago when the Plame Affair errupted and Karl Rove walked away completely unscathed. She loves wearing this around our Republican neighbors:

Fire Rove

 The second is a very old favorite of mine. An ex-boyfriend of mine gave this to me when I was about 19. The shirt has a frayed collar, paint stains, and even a few holes, but I still love the thing:

Vagina Envy

Have a good weekend, everyone! I hope to be inspired to write something more substantial sometime soon, so stay tuned!




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One response to “Photo Friday: Favorite T-Shirts

  1. Oh how I LOVE that Vagina Envy t-shirt!! Those 2 blokes are actually using the British Sign Language sign for “vagina” or near enough! Perfect!

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