Photo Friday: Holiday Photos

I’m a little late posting the Photo Friday pictures. This week’s theme was to post photos from vacations, and preferably from warm, sunny locales. I have two to offer up.

The first is from a tiny fishing village called Majahual in Mexico. The village is located on Mexico’s Mayan Coast on the Yucatan Peninsula. We were there just over a year ago, and it was a lovely place. We also had the best Bloody Marys of our lives there–with tons of key lime. Yum! We both thought this place looked like a Corona advertisement. It turned out that just up the beach is where they have filmed many of them! Here is the view from The Cat’s Meow, a restaurant in Majahual:

Majahual, MX

The next is from a cruise we took with my family over the Christmas holiday this past year. It is a view of Catalina Island, off of the coast of Southern California. It was taken from the ferry we took from the cruise ship to the island. The town pictured is the town of Avalon, a lovely, historic, walkable little town, where we spent the whole day on Christmas Eve. The temperatures were in the upper seventies and the sun was shining beautifully:

Catalina Island




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4 responses to “Photo Friday: Holiday Photos

  1. Ahhhh, lovely – I can feel the stress and strain just slipping away…many thanks!

  2. reproducinggenius

    My pleasure, Vee! We live in a particularly rainy and dismal part of California (yes, such a place does exist), so I understand the need for reprieve from the dull gray skies.

  3. reproducinggenius

    I wish the resolution was better on the Mahajual photo: there’s a great menu in the left corner that adds flavor to the palette. It’s missing in this photo. The first item is “Bucket of Beer.” I’ll have to look at the original and post the rest of the list; it’s my favorite part of the pic.


  4. dis

    Great pics! You totally weren’t late either. Most of us don’t get ours up until the end of the weekend lol

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