So it seems that I was, indeed, a little too hopeful because I am not pregnant. In fact, I am so not pregnant that I got my period a full three days early. That’s how not pregnant I am.

On the day we found out (the 4th), J and I had planned to go camping to get away from the 4th of July craziness, and we were both really glad we went. The nice thing about it was that I could have a few beers and enjoy spending time with my wife. We were both sad and contemplative, but we were glad that we weren’t at home around a bunch of celebrating drunk people.

The thing that is hitting us both hardest about this one is that now we have to wait two and a half months before Mr. Goodman returns to the States before we can start up again. Two months at this point seems like an eternity, but I also know that it will fly by.

The good news is that this also affords us the opportunity to focus on other things:

  •  I can start losing weight again (I’ve been in a holding pattern for two months) so that I can be at a much healthier pregnancy weight when we start back up.
  • I can also focus on getting ready for teaching in the fall.
  • We can work on planning more for our big move to a new city in January. 
  • I can drink really good wine with our dear friends who are returning from a six-month stay in China–and with our poker buddies whom we will miss so much when we leave.
  • I can sleep in  a few days a week since I don’t have to wake up at 7am every morning to take my temperature for a month or so.
  • I can start drinking a little bit of coffee again (I had cut myself off completely).  

And so much more. So it’s not all bad. We just have to shift focus a bit because all of our focus has been on making this baby.

 It’s just a lot harder than either of us thought it would be. We know this baby will come to us when the time is right; for now, we’re just a little mopy because, well, we’re impatient, and we want our baby now.




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4 responses to “Negative

  1. i am so sorry that this wasn’t the month, and i’m very encouraged (and impressed!) that you have such a healthy perspective despite the setback.

    enjoy the wine and coffee and your love.

    it will come.
    i know it will.

  2. Boo hiss at the not pregnant news. At least with a 3 day early period, that’s 3 days less to wait, but when you’re looking at 2 months, that’s not much consolation. I’m sorry. I’m also impressed at your list of positives! Enjoy the wine 😉

  3. Tiffany

    Sorry about that news guys. Despite the disappointment, you have a very positive outlook. So many things to look forward to in a few months….I know the wait will seem long, but definitely enjoy eachother!! Years from now, with children, you’ll be happy you took that time! Perhaps this was meant to happen so that you could achieve your health goals and give you two a bit more alone time together! Stay positive. When the time is right you know?

  4. Eeek. Me, too. Hey, our cycles are almost completely in synch. Perhaps we’ll get pregnant in the exact same moment! Next month. 😉

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