The longest two weeks in history . . .

I can’t believe this two week wait. It’s unbearable. We’ve been doing everything possible to stay busy, but none of it really keeps my mind off of the big question for longer than two or three minutes at a time.

I’ve alluded to a new-found hypochondria in recent posts, and I would like to finally elaborate. You see, I’ve got all kinds of symptoms that could be associated with early pregnancy, according to the 5 trillion websites I’ve viewed in the last week and a half: sore breasts, fatigue, headaches, irritability–you get the picture. Of course, as we all know, these are also big PMS symptoms, yet I don’t normally have these symptoms quite so long before an expected period. Part of me thinks all of this is psychosomatic; another part of me hopes it’s pregnancy; that nagging, annoying cynic in me says I’m about to get my period–early. Whatever it is, I am so sick of waiting!

 We test Friday. In the meantime, we’ll be going to see Sicko, which is finally opening in our tiny corner of the universe tomorrow. And for the 4th, in lieu of patriotic festivities, we’ve opted to go camping for a single night to get away from people and noise and in hopes of passing the time a bit more rapidly.


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