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Photo Friday (ahem…Monday): Pink

Due to my absence, and because we were far away from computers this weekend, I bring you my Photo Friday contributions on Monday.  This week’s theme was pink, which stumped me for a bit. I knew there would be the obligatory flower shot. This shot is a couple of months old of these wonderful miniature roses. A friend of ours bought us this bush for our wedding, and we both love them: 


But I knew that flowers would be popular, so I looked around our house for something–anything at all–that was pink. This was the only thing I found:


Pictured above is our WWJD Jesus Divination Tool. He’s very much like a magic 8-ball. Simply ask him a question, shake him, and turn him over to reveal such snide responses as “I died for this?” or “Sinner.” Please don’t take offense. We’re Unitarians; we’re tolerant of nearly everything.

There you have it! Now, I’m off to splint my wrist before J finds out I’ve been typing instead of using my incredibly annoying voice recognition software.



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A quickie for procrastinators

In the last post I made, I discussed some websites T and I go to in order to wile away those baby pangs.  One of them is called “Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing” and is essentially someone who grabs these posts off of other sites and makes sarcastic comments about the names.

Here’s an example:

“I’m having a girl…
For the first name I like Mercedes, Michaela, Marissa, Madison, and Makenzie For a middle name I like Alezae'(Alize) like the liquor.”

Her response:  Nothing like being named after a cheap mass market spritzer to define your personality.

Anyway, here’s another fun website that shows you the popularity and history of any name.  It’s fun to see when a name gains and loses popularity.  My name, for example, peaked in the seventies when I was born but has gone down dramatically since then.  For what it’s worth, the name in question is Jodi.  You don’t meet a lot of kids today named Jodi, but there’s a lot of us in our thirties!  Have fun with it, readers, and report back to me if you find any other good sites about naming babies, serious or otherwise.  I won’t be one of those weirdos who pays a marketing firm to name my child, though!


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This hiatus from conceiving is a bummer.  I had such a different vision for what this summer would be, and I can’t wait for our donor to return to the country in September.  I’ve definitely got the baby blues.

 Speaking of hiatus, I’m taking over the blogging responsibilties until T recovers; she has carpel tunnel syndrome and is experiencing a painful flair up.  She can use voice recognition software for work, but she has to avoid the strain to her wrists at all cost.  I’ve been doing the kitchen prep work, driving, etc. while she rests her poor wrist. 

We have houseguests at the moment and will be going camping over the weekend, so we’re staying busy with those activities.  We got hooked on a stupid reality show about dancers and wile away many hours looking at hilarious websites that make fun of bad baby names.  Did you know that one celebrity actually named her child “Fifi Trixibell.”  Unbelievable.  We have already selected a name for our baby to be, but we’re keeping mum until the birth.  We are telling T’s family the baby will be named “Shaniqua Latoya” and our son will be named “Young Oscar.”  We like messing with them, obviously.

Well, I have to stop procrastinating and get back to work. 



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Wasted Egg

I can’t believe I’m writing yet another grumbly post, but I’m ovulating, and I had a minor meltdown in our driveway today. I didn’t realize it would hit me this hard, but J and I both can’t help but feel that we should be doing something quite a lot more important than mowing our lawn or doing laundry. I’ve had this weird sense of loss today over my wasted egg, and there’s nothing I can do about it but feel it for a moment and move on to all of those lovely things I said I would do to pass the time during our months off.

 So instead of complaining anymore about this subject–because I’m irritating myself now–I’m practicing something J taught me long ago, and that is to think of the good things that happened today. Today, I’m happy about the following:

  1. I have a beautiful wife, and yesterday, when we went for a long hike in the redwoods, she was especially lovely. She would run ahead and hide, trying to scare me and our friend, all the while giggling this mischevious little laugh and skipping down the trail. She never did get to scare us, but she reminded me of yet another reason I love her.
  2. We have our dearest friend staying with us while she looks for a place to live, and we have really enjoyed relaxing with her.
  3. We have started to find our yard under the jungle of a lawn that has grown up over it during the past month since our mower has been broken.
  4. I’m still loving my hair. My mom came to visit and she hated it (although she pretended to like it), but I’m still loving having so little hair, not worrying at all about dying it, etc.
  5. It’s sunny here and warm, and it’s rarely sunny and warm where we live.
  6. I have sunflowers blooming right outside of my office window, as shown here through the screen:


Life is not so bad. 🙂



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I have always thought I was a patient person, but I’m learning that I am absolutely not. I know I have said it before, but we simply weren’t ready for a break from the conception process, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult as I approach my fertile days. We haven’t been talking about our baby as much, nor have we been focusing a lot of energy in that direction, and it seems odd, almost artificial, to be so detached from it all. I know that as September begins to approach and we get started again, I’ll look back on this time and be grateful that we had a break, but for now, J and I both are a little out of sorts and feeling more than a little aimless. I hope that ends soon.


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Photo Friday: Favorite T-Shirts

Time is certainly slipping by! My last entry was my last Photo Friday entry. Unbelievable.

 It’s been a week full of distractions and trying to figure out what I did before all of this conception business took over my life. It’s weird having a break from it because we just got started, and I simply wasn’t ready for a break yet. Somehow, this is good for us, I have to keep reminding myself.

Photo Friday is a good distraction for me. For this week’s theme, we had to choose a favorite t-shirt, so J and I each chose one. The first is J’s favorite, and it certainly reveals our political leanings with little subtlety. I made this for her a couple of years ago when the Plame Affair errupted and Karl Rove walked away completely unscathed. She loves wearing this around our Republican neighbors:

Fire Rove

 The second is a very old favorite of mine. An ex-boyfriend of mine gave this to me when I was about 19. The shirt has a frayed collar, paint stains, and even a few holes, but I still love the thing:

Vagina Envy

Have a good weekend, everyone! I hope to be inspired to write something more substantial sometime soon, so stay tuned!



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Photo Friday: Holiday Photos

I’m a little late posting the Photo Friday pictures. This week’s theme was to post photos from vacations, and preferably from warm, sunny locales. I have two to offer up.

The first is from a tiny fishing village called Majahual in Mexico. The village is located on Mexico’s Mayan Coast on the Yucatan Peninsula. We were there just over a year ago, and it was a lovely place. We also had the best Bloody Marys of our lives there–with tons of key lime. Yum! We both thought this place looked like a Corona advertisement. It turned out that just up the beach is where they have filmed many of them! Here is the view from The Cat’s Meow, a restaurant in Majahual:

Majahual, MX

The next is from a cruise we took with my family over the Christmas holiday this past year. It is a view of Catalina Island, off of the coast of Southern California. It was taken from the ferry we took from the cruise ship to the island. The town pictured is the town of Avalon, a lovely, historic, walkable little town, where we spent the whole day on Christmas Eve. The temperatures were in the upper seventies and the sun was shining beautifully:

Catalina Island



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So it seems that I was, indeed, a little too hopeful because I am not pregnant. In fact, I am so not pregnant that I got my period a full three days early. That’s how not pregnant I am.

On the day we found out (the 4th), J and I had planned to go camping to get away from the 4th of July craziness, and we were both really glad we went. The nice thing about it was that I could have a few beers and enjoy spending time with my wife. We were both sad and contemplative, but we were glad that we weren’t at home around a bunch of celebrating drunk people.

The thing that is hitting us both hardest about this one is that now we have to wait two and a half months before Mr. Goodman returns to the States before we can start up again. Two months at this point seems like an eternity, but I also know that it will fly by.

The good news is that this also affords us the opportunity to focus on other things:

  •  I can start losing weight again (I’ve been in a holding pattern for two months) so that I can be at a much healthier pregnancy weight when we start back up.
  • I can also focus on getting ready for teaching in the fall.
  • We can work on planning more for our big move to a new city in January. 
  • I can drink really good wine with our dear friends who are returning from a six-month stay in China–and with our poker buddies whom we will miss so much when we leave.
  • I can sleep in  a few days a week since I don’t have to wake up at 7am every morning to take my temperature for a month or so.
  • I can start drinking a little bit of coffee again (I had cut myself off completely).  

And so much more. So it’s not all bad. We just have to shift focus a bit because all of our focus has been on making this baby.

 It’s just a lot harder than either of us thought it would be. We know this baby will come to us when the time is right; for now, we’re just a little mopy because, well, we’re impatient, and we want our baby now.



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The longest two weeks in history . . .

I can’t believe this two week wait. It’s unbearable. We’ve been doing everything possible to stay busy, but none of it really keeps my mind off of the big question for longer than two or three minutes at a time.

I’ve alluded to a new-found hypochondria in recent posts, and I would like to finally elaborate. You see, I’ve got all kinds of symptoms that could be associated with early pregnancy, according to the 5 trillion websites I’ve viewed in the last week and a half: sore breasts, fatigue, headaches, irritability–you get the picture. Of course, as we all know, these are also big PMS symptoms, yet I don’t normally have these symptoms quite so long before an expected period. Part of me thinks all of this is psychosomatic; another part of me hopes it’s pregnancy; that nagging, annoying cynic in me says I’m about to get my period–early. Whatever it is, I am so sick of waiting!

 We test Friday. In the meantime, we’ll be going to see Sicko, which is finally opening in our tiny corner of the universe tomorrow. And for the 4th, in lieu of patriotic festivities, we’ve opted to go camping for a single night to get away from people and noise and in hopes of passing the time a bit more rapidly.

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