We went to Farmer’s Market today. It’s our Saturday ritual in the summertime, and it’s just starting to get good! Here’s what we got today:


 We’re loving all of the fresh, local, organic produce because we have had so much more time to cook these days. We’re trying to eat as though I’m pregnant, just in case this TWW turns out to be fruitful. How can one go wrong with all of those lovely veggies?! 

For those who have been keeping up with my hair saga, you’ll be happy to know that today was also the big day. We went to the salon where this new hairstylist works, and got down to business. Yes, I went to a salon. I have had the pleasure of shaving much of my head before, and it feels good, but I wanted something that would grow out nicely this time, so a stylist it was. Now, for those thinking I was going to go down to the scalp, you’ll be a bit disappointed because it’s actually about 3/4 of an inch long (2cm or so for those not in the U.S.). It’s still super short, super easy, and really fun. J thinks I pull it off well, and while I’m definitely still getting used to it, I think I like it. I certainly like touching it!

Here’s a before picture on one of my least attractive hair days of late:


And here’s me now:


And a bonus of me and my cat Cleo, who apparently likes the new look too:

Cleo and T

It’s exciting to do this, and it does help pass the time during this wretchedly long TWW. Even if I don’t happen to be pregnant this month, at least I’m ready for it!




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3 responses to “Bounty

  1. reproducinggenius

    You’re beautiful, my love.


  2. love it! it looks fantastic!!

  3. reproducinggenius

    Thank you! I really am loving it!

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