Inseminations, Hairstyles, and Other Miscellany

We had our second insemination yesterday. The timing this time around was much better, as it looks like I’m ovulating today. What wasn’t so great is that Mr. Goodman was on a business trip in the midwest meaning his overnight shipment took longer and had to go through many more severe temperature changes. In short, the poor swimmers went through a lot to get here. When it arrived, it was room temperature. We used it immediately, and we’re hoping that the strong ones still had enough  energy to make it to the egg. Despite this minor glitch, I think we have much better chances this time around.

We are hopeful that this may very well happen this month,  so now I’ve got to figure out something to do with my hair. Hair? you might ask. Yes. Hair. You see, I’ve been dying  my hair since I was something like thirteen, and I haven’t stopped since. It’s been platinum, black, all shades of red and blonde, and a few less natural colors as well. Right now, it’s bright blonde and fairly short, but it’s growing out. I’ve got about an inch of brown roots (I know, gross), but the thing is, if I’m pregnant, I don’t want to dye my hair. And, if I happen to get pregnant this month, I don’t want to be stuck looking like some sort of inverse skunk–or worse. To top it all off, my stylist of seven years had the nerve to move away, and I’ve been utterly stuck. 

 So today, J tried to convince me to shave my head. After I cried for a moment at the prospect of looking like a boy, I decided I could do it gracfully. We came very close to going to buy some clippers and doing it ourselves, but I’m very finicky about my hair, and I didn’t want some grown-out caveman style in a few weeks. Finally, we decided to go to this hip male stylist we met at a coffee shop to see if he’d help me out. He convinced me to wait a week for a little more outgrowth, but I’ve made an appointment with him, and we’ll see what happens!

We also went to farmer’s market today. We’ve been really enjoying lots of fresh, local, organic veggies lately, so we had to stock up for the first part of the week. The main farmer’s market of the week is on the town plaza. There’s always great live music, and all the local flavor comes out. It’s always a great family-friendly atmosphere, and the kids come out in full force. In fact, all those fresh veggies are really just a cover: in truth, we love to baby watch. There’s a huge grassy area in the center of the plaza, so we love to just sit and watch the little ones and the not-so-little ones enjoying the sun and the music and the atmosphere of our small town come to life.  We always leave wanting a baby even more though, so today it’s nice to know we may be on our way.


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5 responses to “Inseminations, Hairstyles, and Other Miscellany

  1. May number two do it for you! Wishing you a swift and non-obsessive TWW (does such a thing exist?).

  2. i highly recommend shaving your head. furthermore, i recommend doing it yourself. every woman should do it at least once in her life. it was one of the most liberating experiences of my life to put the clippers to my own head.


  3. reproducinggenius

    Thank you for the support ohchicken! I agree, and one of my arguments to T was that she could always say she had shaved her head–what a bold move! She’s going to do it, too, and we’ll post pictures to show how lovely and graceful she is with her new easy-to-maintain hair.

    Me? I’ll think about it, but T and I have a pact about not having similar styles. We’re not really into the twinsy thing.

    Anyway, I’m anticipating her shearing with great pride.


  4. LOL good luck with the final hair decision! I say, do what makes you feel good, but, if you chicken out on the shave-job, you could always have a colorist give you one last color job to make all of your hair the smae color as your natural roots! That way, it can grow out gracefully. Just a thought! Good Luck!

  5. i can’t wait to see the pics!!

    enjoy it. 🙂

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