Insemination Day

Well, we did it.

 Yesterday started with a temperature rise for me. For those unfamiliar with charting temperatures to determine ovulation, one’s temperature usually dips on the day of ovulation and spikes directly after. I spiked yesterday, so the morning didn’t start well. We both decided that we would still go ahead with the insemination even if it could be largely ceremonial. After all, our sperm was in the mail (in a UPS truck to be more specific), and that alone was really exciting.

We spent the morning trying to busy ourselves as much as possible, running errands, weeding, doing a bit of work, going out for coffee. We settled down for lunch at around noon, and as soon as we were done, the doorbell rang. When I answered it, a little package sat at the door. It was finally here.

We have had a lot of fears that this wouldn’t really happen, that Mr. Goodman somehow wouldn’t come through or that something else would happen. I even dreamt the night before that there was a terrorist cell posing as sperm donors, and they were sending bombs instead of sperm. With the arrival of that package, all of the legitimate and unfounded fears alike were gone, and our hope was restored. So was our nervousness: this was finally real.

I opened the thing up–hesitantly, mind you. I haven’t had contact with semen in over nine years, and I wasn’t sure how I’d react. He had put the semen in a syringe, and he placed that in a baggy, and then he wrapped all of that in foil. Surrounding all of this was styrofoam packing peanuts, and then, on the very top and bottom of the box, separated from the rest of the contents by cardboard, were two ice packs. When we finally got to the syringe, it was cool, but not too cold, so we’re led to believe that he did it just right.

We warmed it up, leaving it sitting on a table for a bit, then laying it in my hand, then J’s. We held it as it slowly warmed to room, then body temperature, and then J said, “Let’s do this!” So we lit some candles that we had on our baby alter, lit some more candles in the bedroom, and closed the bedroom door to keep the curious cats away.

I had terrible nervous giggles, and once we were in the bedroom, I nearly lost it. I was just standing there laughing, and I told J, “I don’t know what to do!”

“Take off your clothes!” was her reply. Right. The clothes needed to be off. Once they were, though, everything went fine. We didn’t shoot sperm across the room or spill in the floor. It went just fine. It was even a bit romantic, despite my giggles every time I started to fall of the mountain of pillows we had under me. I layed there for awhile after to make sure that the stuff had a chance to do its thing, and we both took a little nap.

Afterward, we went out for icecream. I haven’t had icecream in ages because I’ve been working to lose weight, but yesterday was necessarily indulgent. In fact, we spent the rest of the day enjoying the excitement of it all. It was a lovely day full of hope, surprises, and anticipation of the future. And while I have little hope that our timing was right now that it appears that I ovulated two days early, it was still our first insemination day, our first step toward making our baby. Our family.


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  1. Hey, sorry about the duff timing, but it sounds like you had a lot of fun with the ceremonial dry run (or should that be wet run?)

    And remember, as someone far wiser than I said, “It ain’t over til you need a pad!”

    Good luck keeping busy – that’s the really sucky part that I hate the most.

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