Welcome to our baby blog!

Those people who know us know that we (J & T) have been wanting a baby for years. Our friends will say that we have been obsessed, driving them utterly mad with our sometimes unorthodox hunts for donors (funny how a little alcohol can make anyone–including bouncers, friends of family, colleagues–potential donors). We finally have succeeded in finding our man–we’ll call him “Mr. Goodman”–, and after years of dreaming of doing this, we’re about to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives. I (T) will be the one carrying, so for the past five months, I have been working to become as healthy as possible: losing weight, taking my vitamins, cutting out all the unhealthy stuff (caffeine is next). We start inseminating (at home) at the end of May, and we can’t wait to share this with our friends, family, and the whole wide world. So welcome! Feel free to check back as things start to get really interesting.



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